Rule N° 147

TATTOO: Speakeasy - Delicate @oXXXcuro Event
BODYSUIT: AdoreZ - Fanny Bodysuit w/hud color change @oXXXcuro Event
WRAP: Nana - Becca @Suicide Dollz Event
SHOES: Asia - Dana @oXXXcuro Event
POSE: NinaX - Wall Pose 3 with backdrop Group Gift

Rule N° 146

TATOO: Slide Store Tattoo - OuiJa unisex w/hud color&style change
UNDERPANTS: Vain - Naughty Thong
SOCKS: Elise - Agnese w/hud color change
SHOES: Cult - Devlin w/hud color change @Black Fair

Rule N° 145

HAIR: Stealthic - Dawn w/hud color change
MASK: Luas - Ichi Mask Gacha on sale here
OUTFIT: M.Birdie - Agnes look. Rare w/hud color change on sale here
SHOES: Luas - Ichi Shoes Gacha on sale here

Rule N° 144

SUNGLASSES: Suicidal Unborn - Midnight Doll w/hud color change GIFT @Access Event
LIPSTICK: Ascendant - Lara Gloss 07 Genus GIFT @Access Event
TATTOO: Inker - Infero @Commotion Event
NECKLACE: Fika - Apis Pendant w/hud color change @Commotion Event
OUTFIT: Sass - katana w/hud color change @Commotion Event
FOOD: Junk Food - Krisper Treats Bar
BACKDROP: Rin - Balloon Booth Gold @Commotion Event

Rule N° 143

EYEGLASSES: +1692+ - Deathcrush Sunglasses @Darkness Montly
LIPSTICK: L.W. Makeup - Genus+Catwa GIFT @Access Event
EARRINGS: Spookshow- Diabolos w/hud color change @Eclipse Event
COLLAR: : Cult - Moon w/hud color change GIFT @Access Event
NAILS: Suicidal Unborn - Almond Nails Glam Goth w/hud color change
RINGS: Elise - Morgana w/hud color change
TATTOO: Inker - Chaotic @Commotion Event
POSE: NinaX - Daisy Bento pose 4

Rule N° 142

JEWELS: 1692 -  Offerings @Commotion Event
LIPSTICK: L.W. Makeup - Nude Dark Cream @Unik Event
DRESS: Wicca's Originals - Jaenya
TATTOO: Sect - Ave Te @Commotion Event

Rule N° 141

LIPSTICK: L.W. Makeup - Ultra Cream @Dubai
SKIN: Clef de Peau - Pearl
OUTFIT: Spirit - Miki outfit w/hud color change @Anthem
CANDY: Junk Food - Slittles Candy @Equal

Rule N° 140

EARRINGS: 7891 - Very Nice
MAKEUP: L.W. Makeup - Color your smile @Dubai
OUTFIT: Meowhi - Summer Daze @Vintage Fair
DRINKS: Junk Food - Liquor Bottles @Equal
RINGS: Astralia - Kawaii animals w/hud color change

Rule N° 139

LIPSTICK: Spookshow - Abaddon Lips - Special Set
TATTOO: Oxydate - Nuke Power unisex
HARNESS: Nana - Zara @The Darkness
LINGERIE: American Bazaar - Mode @Frou Frou
POSE: NinaX - Livia Bento Pose 3

Rule N° 138

TATTOO: Oxydate - Fear
LINGERIE: Amataria - Wendy Gacha @Frou Frou
POSE: NinaX - Fashion Pose 2

Rule N° 137

HAIR: Monso - Terri w/hud color change
SHAPE/SKIN/MAKEUP: Birth - Jenny Genus w/applier color change
DRESS: Look At Me - Dahlia Dress w/hud color change
RINGS: Elise - Caterina Bento w/hud color change
DRINK: Junk Food - Galaxy Blast Frappe
POSE: NinaX - Daisy Bento

Rule N° 136

TATOO: Slide Store Tattoo - OuiJa unisex w/hud color &style change
DRESS: Virtual Diva Couture - Kat @Designer Showcase
RINGS: Elise - Brenda Bento w/hud color change

Rule N° 135

COLLAR: Spookshow - Witchcraft Collar @The Darkness
TATTOO: Slide Store Tattoo - OuiJa (liquid paint only)
GLOVES: United Colors - Luna @Uber
DRESS: Bombshell - Anne @Fameshed

Rule N° 134

HAIR: RunAway - Ellie w/hud color&style change
DRESS: Bombshell - Anne @Fameshed
BOOTS: Empire - Paula w/hud color change @Fameshed

Rule N° 133

HEADPIECE: CerberusXing - War Fan
HAIR: Foxy - Mondaze w/hud color change
DRESS: United Colors - Skull Ensamble w/hud color change @Fameshed
TATTOO: Slide Store Tattoo - Ouija
BOOTS: Cult - Silvia w/hud color change @Access Event
KATANA: Body Factory - Katana Sword Devil

Rule N° 132

HAIR: Foxy - Mondaze w/hud color&style change
SHAPE/SKIN: Clef de Peau - Tammy Genus @A+ Event
LIPSTICK: Lisa Walker - Gift June
BINDI: Elise - Septum Ring w/hud color change

Rule N° 131

HAIR: RunAway - Stacy w/hud color&style change
CHOCKER: Boys To The Bone - Strypa
OUTFIT: Spirit - Amela Gacha @The Arcade
DRINK: Junk Food - Horizon Tea

Rule N° 130

HAIR: Exile - Alibi w/hud color change
EYEPATCH: Elise - Chiara w/hud color change
COLLAR: Spookshow - Tammuz w/hud color change
OUTFIT: Amataria & Slavia - Set Rebecca
TATTOO: Oxydate - Lux in tenebris
POSE: NinaX - Spring Clean with box and letters

Rule N° 129

HAIR: Adoness - Xanthippe w/hud color change @Salon52
HAIRBASE: Mina - Myla 
JEWELS: Spookshow - Abyss w/hud color change
TATTOO: Slide Store Tattoo - OuiJa unisex w/hud color &style change
TOP: American Bazaar - Etoile @Shiny Shabby

Rule N° 128

HAIR: M.Birdie - Mimi look w/hud color change RARE on sale here
GLASSES: The Sugar Garden - Shy Megane
BAG: Tiller - Teddy Friend
DRESS: Luas - Ichi w/hud color change RARE on sale here
SHOES: Luas - Ichi black w/hud color change on sale here

Rule N° 127

DRESS: Virtual Diva Couture - Melinda Violet Exclusive @Sense Event
TATTOO: Slide Store Tattoo - OuiJa unisex w/hud color &style change

Rule N° 126

HEADPIECE: Opale - Black Rose GIFT
HAIR: RunAway - Ellie Hair w/hud color&style change
LINGERIE: Amataria - Pamela Exclusive @Cosmopolitan
SHOES: Cult - Charmed @Tres Chic
TATOO: Slide Store Tattoo - OuiJa unisex w/hud color &style change

Rule N° 125

HAIR: Entwined - Blythe w/hud color change
SUNGLASSES: Studio Exposure - Diamond
BAG: Nuance - Miao
TOP: Evie - Fanny Spring
JEANS: Scandalize - Karole
SHOES: Enchante' - Juliette
ACCESSORIES: Tentacio - Love package

Rule N° 124

HAIR: Lamb - Mirror Kisses w/hud color&style change
HOODIE: Miss Chelsea - Alba w/hud top color change
SUNGLASSES: Slavia - Addison
BAG: DDL - Idgaf w/hud color change
JEANS: Blueberry - Rie
SHOES: Heir - Socialite
POSE: Foxcity - Juice Bento

Rule N° 123

HEADDRESS: Mossu - Saint Guard MASK: FLite - Apocalypse Church DRESS: Bombshell - Lise Latex @Kinky Event HARNESS: Astralia - Bdsm witch harnesses w/hud color change NAILS: Suicidal Unborn - Almond Nails Glam Goth w/hud color change
SLEEVES: Cerberus Crossing - Fighter's Mark
TATTOO: Dappa - Occult Tattoo

Rule N° 122

HAIR: Wasabi - Jaz w/hud color&style change
DRESS: Look At Me - Chloe Hoodie RARE w/hud color change
BAG: DDL - Guilty
POSE: Foxcity - Selfie

Rule N° 121

EARRINGS: + 1692+ - Messe Noire @Suicide Dollz
DRESS: Canimal - Snap
TATTOO: Dappa - Machina Tattoo.

Rule N° 120

HELMET: Grid - Zero Helmet
OUTFIT: Wicca's Originals - Nyx w/hud color change Exclusives @Cyber Punk Fair (May 4th -25th)

Rule N° 119

HAIR: Sintiklia - Mia w/hud color&style change @Tres Chic
EARRINGS: 7891 - Very Nice
DRESS: Bombshell - Satine
BAG: Paré - Balma Lime @Tres Chic
POSE: NinaX - Livia pose 2